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Are you ready to join us? If so come to a rehearsal and see how you like us!

We don’t ask people to pay a membership fee as soon as they set foot in the door. Prospective members are welcome to come along for a couple of rehearsals to see if the Orchestra is a good match for their musical needs and ability. If you then feel you would like to become a member, we require an application for membership form with an accompanying payment of membership fees. Fees are currently $120 per year for Senior Members. The membership brochure has some useful information for prospective members.

Am I good enough?

We are a community Orchestra, so we welcome musicians of all ability. Our membership includes amateurs, music students, music teachers and semi-professionals. Many of our members are juniors who are playing in a senior band for the first time, or seniors who have returned to playing after several years off (sometimes decades). While our Director will always encourage players to play to the best of their ability, there is no audition or grading process. If you have doubts, come along and try. There is nothing to lose by giving it a go, and everything to gain.

Once an application is approved by the Management Committee, you will receive a music folder, music stands, which will be your responsibility to take care of, but remains the property of the Gold Coast City Wind Orchestra Inc.

UNIFORM - upon approval of your application for membership, you will be required to purchase a polo shirt from our Property Officer. Polo shirts are $35.00.

INSURANCE - As a member of the Orchestra, your personal instrument is covered by the Orchestra's insurance policy, anywhere, anytime. However, please note that the Orchestra does not have liability insurance cover for our members. We do carry public liability insurance.

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